5 Best Ice Climbing Spots in the Pacific Northwest

22nd Dec 2021

5 Best Ice Climbing Spots in the Pacific Northwest

1. Bozeman, MT - Hyalite Canyon

There's something magical about ice climbing on waterfalls. Hyalite Canyon has many waterfalls in which you can climb (over 150 ice routes) with the most popular being Palisade Falls. Once you're done climbing, head into downtown Bozeman! Although the small town is known for their breweries, we suggest a huckleberry mule from Bozeman Spirits Distillery and a quick bite from Naked Noodle or a sit down Montana meal at Montana Ale Works (the bison meatloaf is AMAZING!)

2. Leavenworth

This adorable Bavarian town has been chosen a top 10 climbing destination in the U.S by Rock and Ice Magazine! If you're looking for an easier climb, Mt. Shuksan is a good choice and has many different routes from which to choose. Just be prepared for a long drive post climb as Mt. Shuksan is over near Bellingham and a 4+ hour drive to Leavenworth. 

When you are done climbing, make sure you go into town and check out The Gingerbread Factory (we suggest the White Chocolate Ginger Oatmeal Cookie) and eating at Andreas Keller German Restaurant (don't forget dessert!) If you don't want to go all the way to Leavenworth, you can just drive 90 minutes to Bellingham. Check out more info on hiking around here in this blog.

3. Mount Fury, Washington

This is a very technical climb, but the views make it worth it! It is a multi-day excursion and in North Cascades National Park. Make sure you get all the right equipment before attempting it!

4. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 

There won't always be ice, but when there is, this is a great option for those who live near Portland between November and February. Check out some awesome photos of the Columbia Gorge Waterfall ice climbers! 

5. Twin Falls, ID - Snake River Canyon

Grab your rope, crampons and ice axes, and head to Southern Idaho for some great ice climbing! Sun Valley is known as an epicenter of winter sport activities, and climbing is no exception! Twin Falls is great in terms of many places to climb and great quality.