Giving Back to Help the Wildfires

15th Sep 2021

Giving Back to Help the Wildfires

Over the past few years, fires have ravaged the Pacific Northwest including Washington where we are located.

Last year we were able to donate rope to the Colorado fires to help individuals who were making halters and leads for horses which people were evacuating. 

This particular story is from Ashley, a Pacific Northwest native, and what she did to help her community!

We love being able to partner with different people in helping them overcome the devastation of wildfires.

This was a letter we received from Ashley at the beginning of 2021:

“After the fire in September I had a desire to help, but I wasn't quite sure how to responsibly with a 6 month old (air quality) and social distancing. ⁣

After some thought I decided to offer rope halters to anyone who had lost tack in the fires.⁣

I stepped out of my comfort zone by reaching out to Robyn at CB Knot - presented our communities current situation and asked if she would be willing to help by offering a small discount on a rope order. ⁣

Robyn went above and beyond by DONATING cuts of rope and partial spools to my existing order. This was huge and allowed me to get out some quality halters, lead ropes and a few pair of reins; Tools of the Trade, to people who needed them.⁣

CB Knot is a Washington based company and Robyn has ties close to our local community. Even more so now! 

I would highly suggest their company for ANY of your rope and rigging needs. They are knowledgeable and caring people. I look forward continuing business with them.

Kindness should never go unnoticed Thank you VERY much Robyn!"

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Thank you Ashley for stepping up and letting us know about the need so we could have the opportunity to give back.

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