20th Jul 2021


We are big advocates of creativity over here at Columbia Basin Knot Company! We love seeing all the uses people have for our rope! Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

GROWING PLANTS: Did you know that rope can protect your plants from large animals? It can also help support a leaning plant - helping it to grow straight up!

CAMPING: This one may seem obvious, but rope is extremely useful (if not necessary) for tying down tents, hanging up food and laundry, and is great for marking trails!

JAR LANTERN: Spice up your lanterns or planters by wrapping it with rope. For extra spice, weave some decorative lights into the rope!

OBSTACLE COURSE: Use rope to create a maze, rope course, or net to crawl under! Perfect for any age and can be adjusted to a variety of different skill levels.

ZIP TIE REPLACEMENT: Cording is a great alternative to zip ties AND can even have a better grip than zip ties when done correctly! 

HEADBAND: Use some spare double braid polyester to make a headband! Here is our owner, Robyn, giving a tutorial on how to do so:

KEYCHAIN LANYARD: Using 3/16 Double Braid Polyester, we made this awesome keychain! Follow the tutorial

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