What is a Cordeo, and how do I use one?

20th Jul 2021

What is a Cordeo, and how do I use one?

Horse Neck Ropes, also called Cordeos, are a popular and important horse training item for bridleless riding, freestyle, groundwork, and liberty training. This equine tool can be utilized by anyone who rides without a bridle, regardless of their riding style.

Whether you're into Natural Horsemanship and intend on using it as a neck rope for riding bridleless or using it as a Cordeo, you need to have a good understanding of what it is and how it works before using it!

So, what exactly is a Cordeo? Simply put, a cordeo is a neck rope that’s slung loosely around the base of the horse's neck. You'll need it to be a little longer if you're going to ride with it!

One of the advantages of training with a cordeo is that you nearly never have to force the horse to do what you want. Sure, you can use a lot of strength, but with little to no control or pain involved. As a result, you can use it to strengthen your bond with your horse. You can also progressively acquire more of your horse's trust by utilizing it as a communication tool rather than a pain-inducing one.

Tips & Notes To Remember Before Using A Cordeo:

  • It's crucial to note before employing one that groundwork should never be overlooked because it creates the framework for all that follows, regardless of discipline.
  • This is an excellent tool for beginning on the ground and progressing to bridleless riding.
  • Cordeos are utilized in relationship-based or resistance-free training.

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