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Vectran Rope Fibers

Vectran fibers used in rope, bring thermal stability at high temperatures.  Other benefits of Vectran include, high strength, low/no creep, and good chemical stability.  Vectra also has a high resistance to UV radiation.  Due to it's high strength, low weight, low stretch, and superior abrasion resistant properties, Vectran is often used to replace wire in a variety of applications.

CBKnot carries a variety of ropes with Vectran fibers by both Samson Rope and New England Ropes (Teufelberger).

  • New England VPC
    $385.16 Choose Options New England VPC x 600ft.
    Product Description:Utilizing our Hybrid Performance Technology, VPC features a strong core of blended Vectran and polyolefin with a durable polyester cover. Features: High strength Low Stretch Economical alternative to...

  • New England V-100 Colors
    $383.60 Choose Options Teufelberger (New England) V-100 x 600ft. Spool
    Product Description: Braided 100% Vectran 12 strand single braid core treated with our unique Marine-Tech coating for excellent abrasion and UV resistance. Tough durable polyester cover, wide spectrum of colors for all...