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Looking for rope for industrial applications.  We carry a wide variety of industrial ropes including amsteel, dyneema fibers, stable braid, 12 strand, 8 plait, polyester, 3 strand, nylon, polyolefin and more.  Looking for something you can't find.  Email us

  • Starter Cord
    $74.50 Choose Options Starter Cord by 1000ft. Spool White
    White starter cord is compatible with combustion engine starter mechanisms. Offering excellent abrasion resistance and durability, the cord is designed to withstand repetitive strain and other issues commonly associated with...

  • 1/2" Tree line Black
    $652.86 Tree Line 1/2" Black x 600ft. Spool
    Product Description:Because New England does not carry Braided Safety Blue in Black, we found a comparible 16-strand climbing rope. Great rope with good abrasion resistant properties. 1/2" Tree line Black x 600ft...