Synthetic vs. Wire:

The Choice is Obvious

Samson AmSteel®-Blue is the perfect wire rope replacement!


Torque Free Light Weight Non-Rotational
UV Stabilized Easy to Splice Durable: Outlasts Wire
Safer than Wire Great in Extreme Conditions Long Service Life
Extremely Low Stretch Reduced Maintenance Size for Size, same strength as wire


For More information on Synthetic rope: Samson AmSteel®-Blue

The benefits of the rope out weigh those of traditional wire.  According to Eric Rice, Owner of Black Rock Drilling, “AmSteel®-Blue does not twist in drilling applications.  Even non-rotational wires twist, however we have minimized twisting issues by using synthetic ropes.  We get more time and usage out of AmSteel®-Blue over wire.  Wires on the drum, often cross and crushes the wire, which begins to fray.  AmSteel®-Blue rolls up nicely on the drum, is lighter weight, and much stronger.  We have saved money just in shipping the rope versus wire to remote locations in Alaska.”  He also stated the rope costs less and lasts longer than wire, with proper installation which includes deburring any sheave.  

Safety is another important factor. According to Justin Pinkerton, rig supervisor for Black Rock Drilling, “A snapped rope cannot injure a person like a snapped wire. We find the rope easier to handle, lighter weight, and safer, saving us time and money. Rope is easier to work with and it does not splinter and cut hands. Due to increased productivity on a worksite, we will continue to use AmSteel®-Blue.”