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Tools & Harnesses

We are a varity of Microrappel kits, lanyards, prusik lops and foot lock runners, split tails tree harnesses and fliplines from Samson rope and New England Ropes (Teufelberger).

  • New England Rope Flipline Beranek Lanyard
    New England Beranek Lanyard
    Product Description:Available in 3-strand polyester (shown), Industrial Polyester double braid, or Hi-Vee (1/2" only). Easy to adjust length simply by pulling on the "tail." Features: Can be used with a prusik loop or a...

  • New England rope Lanyards
    New England Lanyard
    Product Description:Available in 3-strand polyester, 12-strand polyester single braid, or Industrial Polyester double braid. Features: Sliding prusik allows for use as an adjustable lanyard Factory spliced for long...

  • New England Prusik Loop
    New England Prusik Loops & Foot Lock Runners
    Product Description:Available in two certifications: - Rope only in 12-strand DaPro or Polyester Double Braid. - Rope and locking snap in 3-strand nylon, 3-strand polyester, 12-strand Dapro, or Polyester Double Braid...

  • New England Split Tails
    New England Split Tails
    Product Description:Made from our popular 16-strand climbing ropes. Features: Resists Glazing Ties perfectly into Blake's or Tautline Hitch Factory-spliced eye permits easy clip-in using a carabiner  Applications: ...

  • New England Adjustable lanyard locking snaps
    New England Three Strand Adjustable Lanyard with Locking Snaps
    3-Strand Polyester spliced by factory trained professionals. Features: Durable Abrasion resistant Versatile  Applications: Aerial bucket lanyard Simple flipline Basic safety lanyard  Colors...

  • New England Wire core Flip Lines
    New England WIre Core Fliplines
    Product Description:Manufactured from our trademark Hi-Vee cover with plied strands for greater abraison resistance and sure grip of adjusters. Size and construction permit use of most ascenders/adjustors. Unique eye...

  • New England Micro Rappel System
    $444.69 Teufelberger (New England) Micro Rappel System Kit
    Product Description:Designed for US Military Special Forces, the Micro Rappel System is a compact, lightweight two-mode system that converts from a belt to a harness in seconds. The system consists of a rappel harness,...