Numerous fibers can be used in the manufacturing process of rope.  Such fibers included Polyester, Polyproyplene, Nylon, Dyneema, Vectran, Aramid, HMPE, Polyolefin, along with natural fibers including Cotton, Sisal, and manila.  These are just a few of many fibers used in the manufacturing process of rope.  

Polyester Rope

Due to its strength, low stretch, excellent sunlight resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance properties, polyester is a preferred fiber for many natural horse trainers.  Spun Polyester has a soft, wooly surface with a texture close to cotton but strength and wear of polyester.

Multifilament Polypropylene (MFP) and Polyolefin Rope

These fibers are often used due to their price point.  They have good strength, low stretch, and fair resistance to sunlight.  They come in numerous colors and are lighter in weight than polyester or nylon.

Cotton Rope

Although it is not as strong as other fibers, cotton has a soft feel and has been used for rope for many years.