Rope Hand lines are designed to raise and lower materials on work sites.  At CBKnot, we are a variety of Hand lines from Samson, New England Ropes (Teufelberger), and more.  

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  • Samson Pro-Master, Pro Master, Samson, Promaster, tree, arborist


    Samson Pro-Master White with Green x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:168 FIBER (CORE/COVER):ULTRA BLUE POLYOLEFIN-POLYESTER BLEND SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.24 SPLICE:3-STRAND CLASS I Pro-Master is a tough, durable, 3-strand rigging rope. It remains firm, round, and flexible with use. It has a soft hand with...

  • Samson Quik-Splice Samson Quik-Splice Elongation Samson Quik-Splice Specs


    Samson Quik-Splice x 600ft. Spool

    In this fast splicing, 12-strand single braid construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% higher in strength than the equivalent polypropylene construction, giving Quik-Splice up to three times more wear life than...

  • Samson Stable Braid Coated Samson Stable Braid Coated Colors Samson Stable Braid Coated  Specs Samson Stable Braid Coated Elongation


    Samson Stable Braid Coated x 600ft. Spool

    A firm, polyester, double braided rope with high strength, low stretch, and excellent resistance to wear. Coating enchances abrasion resistance and provides color options. If meeting military specifications is required, please state when ordering or...

  • Samson SSR-1200-3 Samson SSR-1200-3 Elongation Samson SSR-1200-3 Specs


    Samson SSR-1200-3 x 600ft. Spool

    Size available from 3/4" to 2"+ SSR-1200 ropes are a compound plied yarn construction that utilizes the ultimate compatibility of filament polyester and Ultra Blue fibers. This unique combination yields strength and wear resistance equal to an...

  • Samson SSR-100-3 Samson SSR-100-3 Elongation Samson SSR-100-3 Specs


    Samson SSR-100-3 x 600ft Spool

    SSR-100-3 is a combination fiber 3-strand rope with an excellent wear life and a high strength-to-weight ratio. SSR-100-3 is produced with high-strength plied-filament-polyester surface yarns wrapped over our high-tenacity Ultra Blue fiber. This rope...

  • Samson Pro-Master Samson Pro-Master Elongation Samson Pro-Set-3 x 600ft. Spool


    Samson Pro-Set-3 x 600ft. Spool

    Larger diameters up to 3 5/8" diameter available.  Call 509-291-3024 or email for shipping quote and availability. PRODUCT CODE:170 FIBER:NYLON SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.14 SPLICE:3-STRAND CLASS I Pro-Set-3 is a premium 3-strand,...

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