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  • leather equestrian popper CBKnot™ Leather Poppers CBKnot™ Leather Poppers


    CBKnot™ Leather Poppers

    Leather Popper - used for equestrain lead ropes and reins. Made from latigo leather product measures: 5/8" x 15" (Standard) 3/10" (Little over 1/4") x 14" (String)  

  • Wax Nylon Thread Black Wax Nylon Thread Brown Wax Nylon Thread


    Wax Nylon Thread

    Waxed Nylon Thread.  Available in 3 different colors.   Professional waxed stitching thread. 35 lb. (15.9 kg.) breaking strength.   Specifications   Length: 25 yards (22.86 meters) Material: Nylon, wax    

  • Panic Snap Panic Snap

    Panic Snap - Round Eye

    Panic snaps are often used in the equestrain industry, however are used for numerous applications across various industries.   These nickel plated snaps are 1" x 4 1/2" Overall Length.  They have a round bottom and a swivel.

  • Conway Buckels Nickel plated and brass Conway Buckels Nickel plated and brass

    Conway Buckles

    Conway Buckles are used often with flat braid or ply only rope.  They are also used with leather projects, i.e. headstalls, etc.  

  • Halter Tie clip, Nickel Plated 7/8"

    Halter Tie Clip

    Halter Tie Clips are often used on the end of rope halters for easy use in putting halters on and getting them off.   Nickel Plated, 7/8"

  • Sheet metal 1-3/8" x 2" OL rope clamp

    Rope Clamps

    Rope clamps are used in numerous applications.  Our current option of the 1 3/8" x 2" option is light weight and easy to bend. Good for rope 5/8" to 3/4" diameter, however smaller diameters can be used if clamp is tightened down even more than...

  • O Ring Stainless Steel 2" O Ring Solid Brass 1"

    O Rings

    O Rings Great for use in many applications.  Available in different sizes and finishes.  Looking for other sizes and finishes?  Please email us at cbknot@cbknot.com or call 509-291-3024. 

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