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  • Ice Blue Combo 8 Braid Ice Blue Combo 8 Braid Specs


    Ice Blue Combo 8 Strand

    8-Braid ICE BLUE Combo rope. Ideal for any application requiring a durable combo rope that can hover near the water's surface. Works effectively as high-strength mooring line, tow line, head rope or barge lines. Manufactured from high strength BLUE...

  • Blue steel poly 8 Braid Blue steel poly 8 Braid Specs


    Blue Steel Poly 8 Strand

    8 braid BLUE STEEL™ rope is one of the strongest UV resistant co-polymer braided ropes in the market today. A staple of the marine and pleasure craft market, the high-tenacity polyolefin yarns construction floats, offers easy handling, high...

  • Samson Ultra blue-8 Samson Ultra blue-8 Elongation Samson Ultra blue-8 specs


    Samson Ultra Blue-8 Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:252 FIBER:ULTRA BLUE POLYOLEFIN SPECIFIC GRAVITY:0.94 SPLICE:8-STRAND CLASS I  In this 8-strand construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% stronger than the equivalent polypropylene construction,...

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