Numerous rope constructions exist.  Here are a few of the most frequent rope constructions.

Double Braid Rope

A double braid rope refers to a braided rope cover over a braided rope core.  Basically, it is a rope over another rope.  These ropes are often flexible and easy to handle.  Most double braid ropes are spliceable. Double braid rope is often called yacht braid and can be made with combinations of fibers or the same fibers.  To get a stiffer or firmer double braid rope, the cover can be braided tighter which increases its “hardness.”

Braided Cover Parallel Core Rope

When the core of the rope consists of one or more un-braided fibers running parallel to a  braided “cover” the rope can be called a braided cover parallel core rope or cord.  Halter cord uses this construction.Fibers used in the core range from inexpensive “filler” fibers to premium fibers. Parallel core ropes are not considered “splicable.”

Three Strand Rope

A three strand laid rope is constructed of three strands, each with an identical structure and number of yarns.  The strands are twisted or laid to make a rope that is easy to splice.

Hollow Braid rope

Also called single braid, these ropes are braided in a circular pattern using an even number of strands with half twisted clockwise and half counter-clockwie to interlock.  Hollow braid results when the center void is large, creating a rope that is easy to splice.