5 Things to Do with Old Rope

1st Apr 2021

5 Things to Do with Old Rope

1. Make A Swing! Use old rope for hanging tree swings, porch swings, or rope swings!

2. Sharpen up your knot skills! Old rope is great to practice tying new knots. If you don’t know where to start, we have many tutorials! Find them here:

3. Make a dog toy or a leash! If you have a pet, old or leftover rope works great for dog leashes or toys! We have several tutorials on how to make a leash from rope. Find them here

4. Create a bracelet, or necklace! A great way to secure pieces of rope together is by burning the two ends of the rope together.

5. While you have your lighter out, perhaps you might be interested in making a rope rug! Old rope is perfect for this since you won’t have to worry too much about it getting dirty! Simply coil your rope, or create an overlapping pattern and burn the ropes together on both ends making sure those pieces are placed within the middle of your masterpiece. 

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