​How To Splice Double Braid Line (In Only 9 Steps)

29th Jan 2021

​How To Splice Double Braid Line (In Only 9 Steps)

1. Tie a slipknot about 15 feet from the bottom of the line, next loop it over a winch to hold it. Mark the line one fid-length from the end.

2. Form your loop to your preferred size and place a second mark opposite from the first.

3. Use a small fid to separate the strands of the cover at the second mark and pull it out! Lay the cord and cover beside each other.

4. Make your third mark at the core where it comes out of the cover and pull out a few feet more. Now you can place your fourth mark on the core two-thirds of a fid length from your third mark. This is where you will insert the cover into the core.

5. Wedge the end of the core into the hollow end of a fid that is sized to fit the diameter of the core. Next, push your fid into the cover at the first mark and work it down so that it pulls through the cover 1-2 inches past where the core exists.

6. Pull about 6 inches of the core out of the hole and begin to form your loop. Wedge the end of the cover into the fid and feed it into the core at the second mark. Push it down one complete fid length before pulling it out.

7. Starting from around 4 inches from the end, use a small fid to pull about 8-10 random strands from the cover before trimming with scissors.

8. Pull on the end of the exposed core as you push the junction of the core to the joint.

9. Last but not least, work the cover back up the line until the exposed core with the cover pops back into the line. Pull a little on the remaining core outside the line, trim, then tug on the eye to pull the end back inside the core. 

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