5 Must-See Ropes Courses & Aerial Adventure Parks in the US

16th Feb 2021

5 Must-See Ropes Courses & Aerial Adventure Parks in the US

High ropes courses and aerial adventures offer people the chance to travel treetop to treetop on a variety of rope, wood and cable bridges and obstacles. Below we’ve compiled a list of unique courses and parks throughout the United States!

1. Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park | Gaston, OR

This aerial park in Oregon offers some fantastic thrills such as wobbly bridges, high ropes courses, and zip lines, one zip line stretches over 1200ft! Each element or challenge flows into the next as you transfer from one to another at platforms. The park is self-guided, with extensively trained guides monitoring your progress and available to assist only when necessary.

2. Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park | Tahoe City, CA

Like zip lines? Who doesn’t? Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park offers zip lines in almost every course. This park sports 65 tree platforms connected by bridges, wooden obstacles, rope obstacles and zip lines. In total there are about 1000 ft of zip lines.They also offer beginner, intermediate and vertical climbing elements - the perfect park for a group of all ages!

3. Natural Bridge Caverns | San Antonio, TX

The world’s largest rope course! Touting over 685 total feet of suspended track, Natural Bridge Caverns’ Twisted Trails is a 60-foot high ropes course with seven zip rails. Each participant is dressed with a full-body safety harness and sling line to allow full control of which challenges and courses they take as they navigate the zip-lines.

4. Mega Cavern - Mega Quest | Louisville, KY

A rope challenge course with a twist! Mega Quest at Louisville Mega Cavern is the world’s first underground high ropes challenge course with temperatures of 58-60 degrees year-round. The 100-acre mega cavern offers high-ropes courses, 76 challenging elements, and zip-lines.

5. The Adventure Park | Long Island, NY

At the Adventure Park, you choose your own adventure from 11 separate “trails” through the trees, all of which fall within five levels of difficulty. Consisting of both low-ropes courses and high-ropes courses interspersed with ziplines, it’s ideal for all ages. As you navigate across the series of platforms connected by ziplines, cables, and ropes, you’ll complete a unique challenge for each trip and can tackle more than 140 challenges in total!

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