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Fall Protection

In fall protection one of the key elements is a rope's ability to work reliably with a rope grab and to absorb the energy of the falling worker. Samson, New England (Teufelberger) and the rope companies we work with pride themselves on being some of the premier suppliers of high quality fall protection ropes.  We offer a variety of solutions to your fall protection needs from standard three-strand nylon to more high tech kernmantle designs.

The use of special fibers such as Vectran®, Kevlar™, Dyneema®, PBO®, and Twaron® helps to give the ropes the desired tensile strength, resilience, or abrasion resistance, as demanded by the specifics uses.

  • New England Industrial Filament Nylon
    $232.96 Choose Options New England Industrial Filament Value Nylon
    Product Description:Manufactured from uncoated nylon fiber. Additionally this rope does not undergo our proprietary tension-setting process. Meets all applicable Cordage Institute standards for 3-strand rope. Features: High...

  • Samson Static Rope
    $407.39 Choose Options Samson Static Rope x 600ft. Spool
    A firm but flexible kernmantle construction, Static Rope is designed to meet the demands of rescue, rappelling, and specialty rigging operations. Static Rope meets or exceeds NFPA 1983 requirements. PRODUCT...