CBKnot carries a wide range of commercial fishing lines (ropes) including trawl line (ropes), purse seine lines, head lines, crab ropes and more.  

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  • 12 strand blue steel purseline 12 strand blue steel purseline specifications


    12 Strand Blue Steel Purseline

    Coextruded BLUE STEEL™ and nylon 12-strand purse lines are designed to support nets in commercial and recreational fishing operations. Lines feature torque-free double-braid construction and does not kink or heckle. Rope floats, offers good...

  • Samson ML-12 x 600ft. Spool Samson ML-12 x 600ft. Spool Colors Samson ML-12 x 600ft. Spool Elongation Samson ML-12 x 600ft. Spool Specs


    Samson ML-12 x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:815 FIBER:DYNEEMA® - INNEGRA™-S BLEND SPECIFIC GRAVITY:.98 SPLICE:12-STRAND CLASS II The unique blend of Innegra™-S, a high modulus polypropylene (HMPP), and Dyneema®, a high modulus polyethylene (HMPE), gives ML-12...

  • Samson coated dura-plex colors Samson coated dura-plex elongation Samson coated dura-plex specs


    Samson Dura-Plex Coated x 600ft. Spool

    **Larger diameters up to 1" available, email cbknot@cbknot.com or call 509-291-3024 for pricing and availability.   PRODUCT CODE:860 FIBER:POLYPROPYLENE-POLYESTER BLEND SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.2 SPLICE:12-STRAND CLASS I In Dura-Plex, a 12-strand...

  • Samson Quik-Splice Samson Quik-Splice Elongation Samson Quik-Splice Specs


    Samson Quik-Splice x 600ft. Spool

    In this fast splicing, 12-strand single braid construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% higher in strength than the equivalent polypropylene construction, giving Quik-Splice up to three times more wear life than...

  • Samson PTS-12 Nylon Samson PTS-12 Nylon Colors Samson PTS-12 Nylon Elongation Samson PTS-12 Nylon


    Samson PTS-12 Nylon

    PRODUCT CODE:820 FIBER:NYLON SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.14 SPLICE:12-STRAND CLASS I PTS-12 Nylon is a 12-strand coated, heat-set stabilized nylon trawl twine. This line offers excellent strength, shock mitigation, and is extremely wear resistant. PTS-12 has...

  • Samson Tenex Samson Tenex Colors Samson Tenex Elongation Samson Tenex Specs


    Samson Tenex x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:826 FIBER:POLYESTER SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.38 SPLICE:12-STRAND CLASS I Tenex is a 12-strand single braid that offers high strength with low stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance. It is Samthane coated to provide abrasion resistance,...

  • Samson Amsteel Samson Amsteel Colors Samson Amsteel Elongation Samson Amsteel Specs


    Samson Amsteel x 600ft. Spool

    For different color options, please contact us at cbknot@cbknot.com or 509-291-3024. AmSteel® is a non-rotational, Samthane coated 12-strand single braid that yields high strength and low stretch; equivalent to wire rope with one-seventh the...

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