Mooring line is the rope used to attach a vessel to a solid structure.  We carry mooring lines from Samson, New England (Teufelberger) ropes and more.  When choosing a mooring line, a number of factores should be considered.  

*When should a rope be inspected and retired

*What is the ropes intended application

*Issues with Abrasion

*Prepping the surface

*If Rope Chafe protection will be needed

*Confirm proper rope installation

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  • Samson Pro-Master, Pro Master, Samson, Promaster, tree, arborist


    Samson Pro-Master White with Green x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:168 FIBER (CORE/COVER):ULTRA BLUE POLYOLEFIN-POLYESTER BLEND SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.24 SPLICE:3-STRAND CLASS I Pro-Master is a tough, durable, 3-strand rigging rope. It remains firm, round, and flexible with use. It has a soft hand with...

  • CWC Ice blue combo 3 strand CWC Ice blue combo 3 strand - specifications


    Ice Blue Combo - 3 Strand

    Diameters up to 3" Made from high-strength BLUE STEEL™ fibers wrapped with polyester yarns. This durable high tenacity 0.99% specific gravity rope will hover just under the water's surface, making it good for mooring lines, tow lines, head ropes,...

  • 12 strand polyester 12 strand polyester specifications


    12 Strand Polyester x 600ft. Spool, White

    **Other diameters available.  Email or call 509-291-3024 for pricing and availability 12-strand polyester provides high strength, low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance. It is easy to splice and is 30 percent stronger than...

  • 3 strand nylon white 3 strand nylon white SPECS 3 Strand Nylon x 600ft. Spool White


    3 Strand Nylon x 600ft. Spool White

    **Larger Diameters and longer lengths available.  Please call 509-291-3024 or email for pricing and availability. White 3-strand nylon rope. Effective, all-purpose shock absorbent rope. High strength and elasticity. Recommended...

  • Ice Blue Combo 8 Braid Ice Blue Combo 8 Braid Specs


    Ice Blue Combo 8 Strand

    8-Braid ICE BLUE Combo rope. Ideal for any application requiring a durable combo rope that can hover near the water's surface. Works effectively as high-strength mooring line, tow line, head rope or barge lines. Manufactured from high strength BLUE...

  • Samson HTP-12 Samson HTP-12 Elongation Samson HTP-12 Specs


    Samson HTP-12 x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:703 FIBER:POLYESTER SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.38 SPLICE:ROUND PLAIT CLASS I HTP-12 is a 12-strand construction that provides optimum performance in static bending situations by allowing even distribution of loads across the bend, making...

  • Samson Saturn-12 Samson Saturn-12 Elongation Samson Saturn-12 Specs


    Samson Saturn-12 x 600ft. Spool

    **Larger diameters available up to 3 1/4".  Please call 509-291-3024 or email for pricing and availability.   PRODUCT CODE:882 FIBER:DYNEEMA® SPECIFIC GRAVITY:.98 SPLICE:MODIFIED TUCK BURY CLASS II The next...

  • Samson AmSteel-Blue Samson AmSteel-Blue Colors Samson AmSteel-Blue Elongation Samson AmSteel-Blue Specs


    Samson AmSteel-Blue Spools

    AmSteel®-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—but it's so light, it floats. AmSteel®-Blue is an excellent wire rope replacement...

  • Samson Stable Braid Coated Samson Stable Braid Coated Colors Samson Stable Braid Coated  Specs Samson Stable Braid Coated Elongation


    Samson Stable Braid Coated x 600ft. Spool

    A firm, polyester, double braided rope with high strength, low stretch, and excellent resistance to wear. Coating enchances abrasion resistance and provides color options. If meeting military specifications is required, please state when ordering or...

  • Samson Tech-12 Samson Tech-12 Colors Samson Tech-12 elongation Samson Tech-12 specs


    Samson Tech-12 x 600ft. Spool

    **Minimums on this rope may apply, depending on color availability. Currently this rope is made when it is ordered.  The rope is usually approx. 3-6 weeks out.  We will contact you if this applies to your order.  Thanks! **Larger...

  • Samson Tenex-TEC Samson Tenex-TEC Colors Samson Tenex-TEC Elongation Samson Tenex-TEC specs


    Samson Tenex-TEC x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:825 FIBER:POLYESTER SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.38 SPLICE:PRESPLICED Tenex-TEC is a high-strength, low-stretch rope specifically designed with two ends per carrier. This construction allows more rope surface conformance to objects being lifted...

  • Samson RP-12 Ultra Blue Samson RP-12 Ultra Blue Elongation Samson RP-12 Ultra Blue Specs


    Samson RP-12 Ultra Blue x 600ft. Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:333 FIBER:ULTRA BLUE POLYOLEFIN SPECIFIC GRAVITY:0.94 SPLICE:ROUND PLAIT CLASS I In this 12-strand round-plait construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% higher in strength than the equivalent...

  • Samson Ultra blue-8 Samson Ultra blue-8 Elongation Samson Ultra blue-8 specs


    Samson Ultra Blue-8 Spool

    PRODUCT CODE:252 FIBER:ULTRA BLUE POLYOLEFIN SPECIFIC GRAVITY:0.94 SPLICE:8-STRAND CLASS I  In this 8-strand construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30-35% stronger than the equivalent polypropylene construction,...

  • Samson SSR-1200-3 Samson SSR-1200-3 Elongation Samson SSR-1200-3 Specs


    Samson SSR-1200-3 x 600ft. Spool

    Size available from 3/4" to 2"+ SSR-1200 ropes are a compound plied yarn construction that utilizes the ultimate compatibility of filament polyester and Ultra Blue fibers. This unique combination yields strength and wear resistance equal to an...

  • Samson Pro-Master Samson Pro-Master Elongation Samson Pro-Set-3 x 600ft. Spool


    Samson Pro-Set-3 x 600ft. Spool

    Larger diameters up to 3 5/8" diameter available.  Call 509-291-3024 or email for shipping quote and availability. PRODUCT CODE:170 FIBER:NYLON SPECIFIC GRAVITY:1.14 SPLICE:3-STRAND CLASS I Pro-Set-3 is a premium 3-strand,...

21 of 21 Items